Quality Management Commitment


The objective of MASHAL is to provide the range of its products and services with cost effective technology and a level of quality designed to meet agreed customers specification and the relevant National and International Standards.

The quality and Reliability of our products and services are the responsibility of all employees within our network. To meet these objectives, procedures, work instructions and others appropriate documents shall be developed and implement at all times. We at MASHAL are fully committed to resolve any problems that may arise from time to time and to work on a prevention system rather than on fault detection one.

The overall Quality Management System will be evolving program of continuous improvements, so that all documentation will be updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We at MASHAL are fully committed to providing our customer with our range of products and services on timely basis in accordance with their needs. We aspire to provide these through our comprehensively trained workforce and staff. Our goal is to be the best in the range of products and services that we supply.

The fulfillment of these objectives requires responsive involvement and commitment from all concerned of MASHAL. The benefits of these efforts will be a respected reputation for the quality of our products and services, security of our jobs and a rewarding place to work.

The ultimate attainment of the above goals shall be achieved by following a documented Quality Management System designed to conform as a minimum with the requirements of ISO-9002-1994.


Our Mission


We aspire to be the best manufacturer distributor of applied chemistry in Bahrain and the Middle East by establishing a reputation for excellence.

We will maintain the highest possible levels of repeat business by providing individuals and organizations with products and services representing high standards of quality and value.

We will provide a work environment that will motivate technical and administration staff to extend beyond the boundaries of excellence in everything they do. Technical and administration staff and owners will share in the success of Mashal Group.





As a specialist and professionals in Applied Chemistry, we at Mashal accept our responsibility to our society. Along with performance and quality leadership, we are committed to ecological leadership.

We were one of the first Companies to implement Cleaner Production policies. We are committed to its principles and to the chemical industries’ international initiatives to environmental protection and safety.

The extent and depth of our environmental management just as the resultant successes have increased very dynamically. In order to link International principles and our own goals, we have therefore reformulated our visions of our principles on environmental and consumer protection for the 21st Century in the following new version.


Principles:    How we interpret our responsibility


As a leading Company and specialized in Applied Chemistry, MASHAL accepts it’s responsibility to society and is committed to developing and supplying products and systems that offer special benefits to our Customers. Along with this performance and quality leadership, we are committed to ecological leadership. This includes continuously improving plant safety, environmental and health protection as well as occupational safety. We set ambitious goals for ourselves.

With the aid of efficient management system, we monitor the progress, making our results available to all our employees and customers. We encourage our business partners and suppliers to aim for the same standards of environmental protection and safety. Our Corporate culture promotes our employees true dedication to their jobs. We develop and promote our employee’s understanding of environment protection and safety. We recognize that these standards can only be met by motivated and creative employees.


MISSION STATEMENT : How we conform to our principles.

Sustainable development must give equal priority to economic, ecological and social goals. Only economically successful companies will be able to contribute to effective environment protection and social progress.



Using our core product range more recently adding blended hydrocarbons and semi aqua product and improving inhibitor packages in our existing aqua products.  We have formulated cleaners for metal products that falls within the generic category of non chlorinated high purity petroleum derived solvents and solvent blend.  This cleaner in designed as a replacement of 1:1:1 trichloroethan for use in cold degreasing.  For the precision industries a formulation of acquas degreasing unique in having ambient temperature drying characteristics, also have the advantage property of low organic solvent content which means lower VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).  With using the generic category of semi acques degreaser a micro emulsion based on the naturally citrus turbine de’lemonene was formulated to serve client that don’t require any residue free surfaces.  Aqueous products are designed to be used in conjunction with a water based cleaning system usually heated which allow the cleaning solutions to come into contact with the components to be cleaned.  Acques products by definition do not contain chlorinated solvent and therefore the category of products will not be affected by Montreal Protocol EPA and VOC’s directives.  We have recognized acquas products as being a low toxicity hazard in comparison to other forms such as 1:1:1 tri-chloroethene and partially offer the least hazardous cleaning process for the operation.



On the point of services incorporating environmental concerns into designing and delivering services, Mashal have discontinued the use of all CFC products in the production and formulation of its product range.  We have replaced the traditional aerosols using CFC by a new aerosol system that will use the natural air as a propellant for the cleaning liquid.  This system does not contain any harmful gazes nor it is under pressure.  The system is filled normally in a normal bottle that will have a special cap with a pump to create an air pressure inside the bottle and work as a propellant for the cleaning liquid.  This system has eliminated the use of any CFC products and will enhance the product capabilities and reduce on the main factor contributing to global warming which is increasing dramatically in the world.  In addition

Mashal only uses recycled plastic jerycans and always emphasis with its suppliers to use recycled materials.


Production Processes: 

On the point of production processes conserving raw materials and energy eliminating toxic raw material and reducing the quantity and toxicity of all emissions and wastes, Mashal has adopted some of the guide lines of the world best practice to improve the work processes within the factory environment.  Criteria cover various aspects such as waste of packing and raw chemical materials and the reduction of this waste in addition to process performance such as reduction of machine set up time increase of key machines utilization reduction of machine break down. For the purpose of keeping track of performance against the above mentioned criteria statistics of operations are kept and charted on a monthly basis and steps are taken to improve upon the reported  performance.  In addition to the above, Mashal also keeps track of other operation that may effect the environment these include monitoring of fumes emitted from the reactors and the filling lines.  Efforts are being made to reduce chemical wastage generated from the plant and eliminate any rework on any batches that may produce unusable materials.  We have distributed designated pins throughout the shop floor for all waste materials starting from plastic bottles to waste raw materials chemicals packing materials and papers.  We have marked all pipeline systems with special color coding to indicate the content of each pipeline and have identified all valves and connections on all the piping system throughout the plant and number them for routine checks and regular maintenance to avoid any leakage.  We have installed banners all over the shop floor to educate all employees on the importance of cleaner production and envirosafe environment within the plant.  Mashal has steadily improved its facilities for the treatment of plant waste water.  Recently a waste water equalizing tank was installed which protects not only the central waste water discharge but also the normal washing water that comes from the plant.  The waste water collected in tank is neutralized and treated and the same water is used to irrigate the trees planted around the boundary of the plant.

Mashal does it best to ensure a clean and efficient work place for its employees, such as office environment regulations have been issued banning smoking in general meeting areas, in general plant areas and individual offices are designated smoking or non smoking as per the wish of the office occupants.  General offices and general work areas in the plant are designated no smoking area.  Extractors and air purifiers are installed in all general areas that are designated as smoking.  We have established a system for photo copying, internal memos and correspondence on both sides of the

paper.  This process reduced the amount of photocopy paper used as well as reducing the size of the filling of the filing requirements.  Recently Mashal has agreed with one of the paper recycling organization to collect all paper waste and cardboard waste from the plant and the office.  Not only Mashal production lines are subject to environmentally and safety inspections but also the storage tank and filling sites.  Filling operations involving potential water polluting liquid are only carried out over areas that are impermeable and resistant to these substances.  Batch pots plates channels and pits are adopted to take account for the position of the filling side and the operational conditions.